Leadership Help (Links)

Thank you for helping us get solar panels on schools.  This page is intended for helping our leaders and volunteers access the resources they need to accomplish their action items.  Each tool has on-line help to get you up to speed.  If that doesn't work, email admin@e3council.org.  There are also links to other sites that may be of interest to our members.

Leadership Activities

Attend Meeting - Calender (If you are the lead of an event, be sure to invite your participants to the event from the google calendar)

Create Materials - Google Docs, Resources

Update Volunteer Action Items

Sign Up Forms can be set to notify you of a change.  If you are coordinating an activity, this is the best way to find out when things change.  You have to be invited by the form owner (usually admin@e3council.org) to get access to the form or spreadsheet.

Resource Links

This collection of links go to various online locations that have been specifically set-up to help the E3Council.  Many features may be redundant, and so there is an effort to standardize on just one solution for a particular feature.  Please edit this list if you have created an account or service to benifit e3Council that can be used by our members.
e3council.org is synonymous with e3council.com, but logins have to use the .com alias)

Google Apps Dashboard - https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/e3council.com/Dashboard 
Email - http://mail.e3council.com (for team leaders who require an '@e3council.org' email address, all messages also forwarded to your primary account)
Newsletter (scheduled Email)- http://www.lettermelater.com (admin@e3council.org)
Docs - http://docs.e3council.com (surveys, forms, spreadsheets, media kits,etc)
Calendar - http://calendar.e3council.com
Sites - http://www.e3council.com  (for intraweb/partner sites)
Contacts - http://www.google.com/contacts/a/e3council.com
Moderator - http://moderator.e3council.com
Google Group - http://groups.google.com/group/e3council
Basecamp (online collaboration) - http://e3council.basecamphq.com
Drupal based website (alpha) - http://e3council.drupalcafe.com/?q=admin
Zoho project - http://projects.zoho.com/e3council
Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=65314825663
Contacts - http://e3council.highrisehq.com
Voicemail - https://service.ringcentral.com/login/main.asp  (4087964847)  (Messages sent to 'voicemail@e3council.org', edit filter to change recipients)
Credit Card Affinity Program (e3 branded credit cards) - get started link
FirstGiving (donation collection program) - http://www.firstgiving.com

Sites with Similar Projects/Goals

These links can help develop our online resources.  (Edit this page, email admin@e3council.org)

Delicious Shared Bookmarks - e3Council  (you can add to this list, just tag "e3council" to your del.icious links - how?)
Facebook Shared Links  (join out group then share links for us!)

Solar Schools

http://solarschoolhouse.org/ - Educational Material for Teachers
http://solar4rschools.org/ -
http://www.solarschools.net/ - Australian Solar School program, great class resources

Industry Programs (Likely Partners/Sponsors)

http://www.pge.com/solarschools/ - our CA utility program
http://www.chevron.com/News/Press/release/?id=2008-06-25 - Chevron does entire Milpitas School Disctict
http://www.energy.gov/energysources/solar.htm - US Department of Energy - Solar info
http://view2.fatspaniel.net/SSH/MainView.jsp - Fat Spaniel Live Monitoring of real School Installations
http://www.fatspaniel.com/vertical-markets/education - Fat Spaniel (Inverter Monitoring) dedication to Educational programs
http://solarsonomacounty.org/nonprofit.html - Solar Sonoma County Nonprofit Supporters


http://www.gridalternatives.org - Empowers communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training.
https://addictionresource.com/ - who raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps young adults stay drug-free
https://www.healthcorps.org/ promotes healthy living among teens

IRS Non-Profit Do's and Don'ts

http://www.stayexempt.irs.gov/mini-courses/applyfortaxexempt/player.html - Webinar (great start)
http://www.irs.gov/charities/foundations/article/0,,id=127912,00.html - IRS Lifecycle (training)
http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8283.pdf - IRS Donation Form
http://stayexempt.org/ - Training on how to run a non-profit:  Donations > $500 must be reported.

Standards and Industry Consortiums

http://solartech.org/ - Silicon Valley Industry Consortium
http://sunspec.org/ - Consortium for Solar Data Standards
http://www.solaralliance.org - Help regulators and utilities build policies that are pro-solar
http://calseia.org - Industry Assoc.

Other fund raising possibilities

http://carrotmob.org/ - "Mob" philanthropy
http://www.compasspoint.org/library - Non-profit 'how to' library  (Free to non-profits on the weekends)

Same name (Coincidence), Orgs we may be mistaken for