Volunteer! (Help)

Please Contact Us for more information.  The e3 Council is an all volunteer group, we ask that you give us a little time to answer or get your question to the right person!  Thanks!

How to Join?
  • Subscribe to our google group, attend meetings, and get notified by email of ways to participate and general activities to help our cause.

How to Participate?
(New Member Orientation)
  1. Please look at the New Member Orientation presentation and fill out the Volunteer Survey and indicate your preferred activities and committee interests.
  2. Attend our general meeting (every other Sunday) and sign up for an activity!  (See Calendar)
  3. Take up one of the many FUN activities from our Volunteer Action Items page.
  4. Help recruit new members who are looking to volunteer in the community and get solar panels on schools! (Refer them here)
  5. Adjust the amount of messages you would like to receive. (see "Edit My Membership" from the Google Group)
  6. Post a new topic for discussion.  There are plenty of good ideas out there, and now is the time to bring them up!

Links to online resources?
(Discussions, Maps, Phonebanks, Field Kits, etc.)
Online resources may require that an account be set up with your email address for the various services or specific shared resources.  Please email admin@e3council.org if you need help or access to a particular resource.  You may be assigned a "@e3council.org" account that can be used independantly of your own personal email address.

How to lead a team?
(Team Leader & Manager info)