Solar Fair

The Cupertino Middle School "Solar Fair" is a combination green science fair, carnival, and expo -- fun for the students, parents, and local community.  Students compete in either a science project, solar car race or solar oven competition to win metals.  Carnival games and raffle prizes raise money for the Solar Lab

(Pending Approval)
Local PV Solar Installation companies offer the local community technology presentations and information about the benefits of installing solar panels on their on homes and businesses.

E3 council volunteers organize and staff the event, provide lesson plan assistance, and search for partners in the local business community (such as Home Depot, Lowes) to sponsor the materials and the carnival rental equipment.

Date & Time (Tentative)

Friday after STAR Test make-up week.  (Science classes prepare for event with 3-5 classes week before the event)
Half Day
(after lunch period)

Location: Cupertino Middle School - Sports Field (Outside activities) & Cafeteria (Inside activities)

School Wide: ~ 1200 students, 300+ Parents

Planning Committee Contacts (whole solar fair group below)

Ryan Benech - - 408-621-7610
John Cribbs (e3)
Anna Williams (CMS)
Len Esparza (CMS)


Intro Presentation

Solar Fair - E3 Council

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NOTE: This is a DRAFT, work in progress...

Solar Fair Plan

Ryan Benech,
Jan 19, 2010, 6:43 PM