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Support our grassroots organization with a $25 (non tax deductible*) donation and get the e3Council - Solar Schools T-shirt!  (Available Now!)

$25 Membership and get a free T-Shirt!
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Donate Now to support the Cupertino Middle School's Solar Lab project.

Why become a member?

We are using donations from our membership to handle the operating overhead (like the $700 IRS non-profit filing fee) so that all project donations are used to fund the projects directly.  We will use membership donations to cover local marketing and fundraiser expenses so that at least 95% of the funds generated for a project will go directly to the solar panels.   Our goal is to have the lowest organizational overhead possible so that your donated dollar will create more electrons from PV Solar than any other investment.

Your voluntary membership dues will be contributed to our "Membership" fund that is used to meet the organizational expenses needed to maintain and promote the e3 council's solar school projects.

Next Steps!

  • Please fill out the Member Surveys to let us know what activities you are willing to do!  Then sign up for some activities and attend our regular meeting!  See you there!
* Note: Donations are not tax-exempt until we finish the IRS filing process.