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Who are we? (Org Chart)

Who are we?

We are a grassroots non-profit organization of volunteers.  We are open to the public, perhaps you would like to help?

What do we do?

We raise money and organize solar panel installations for schools.  We hold fundraisers and work with the school to plan a solar installation.  Our first project is a Solar Panels and Lab at Cupertino Middle School.

How do you do it?

Get volunteers to run various types of fundraisers (garage sale to silent auctions) to collect small donations that add up to a very large piece of the puzzle.

Why should I care?

Solar panels on schools are a win-win situation for the school, neighborhood, and the nation.  By harnessing Energy, Education, and the concern for our Environment, we can appeal to all types of donors.  If we can successfully run a campaign to solarize our schools -- students, parents and teachers will likely follow with solar installations on their homes and businesses.

e3 Council Board Members (Contact Us)

CEO: Galen Swain - CFO: Wil Fluewelling - Secretary: Pat Gallagher (Bios)

Team Leads and Committee Members

All committees need volunteers. Please contact Natalie Elefant if you are interested in joining a committee, or need further information about how you can participate: Natalie Elefant

Founder & Council Organizer

- Galen Swain [email]

Management Coordinator

Coordinate communication between managers, set up meeting agendas, provide general organization.

- Pat Gallagher  [email] 

Volunteer Coordination

Process new volunteers, and put them in contact with committee coordinators and council events.

- Natalie Elefant (Committee Manager) [email]

- Pat Gallagher  [email] 


Events Coordinator (Calendar)

- Rita Taylor [email]

- Fariha Barnes [email]

Media Outreach/Public Relations
Write press releases, develop a relationship with all forms of media, devise a plan for community outreach to disseminate information in coordination with the School Siting Committee.

- William Dinkel [email]

School Siting

Research and define local school site eligibility and processes for e3 Council solar projects.

 - Sue Redhead [email]



Maintain legal records for 501c status.

- Wil Fluewelling  [email]


Solar Panel Research
Determine suitable solar technologies and develop installer pre-qualification guidelines.

- Steve Thuesen (Committee Manager) [email]

- John Cribbs [email]


Marketing Materials Development
Develop marketing strategy and content in coordination with the Media Outreach/Public Relations Committee.

- Larry Smith (Committee Manager)

- Maria Biggs [email]

- Fariha Barnes [email]

- Jeanie Schmidt [email]

- John Cribbs [email]

- Pat Gallagher (editorial)   [email] 


Fundraising and Phonebanking Coordinators
Organize fundraising events, write phonebanking scripts, and coordinate phonebanking efforts.

- Galen Swain (Committee Manager) [email]


Data Management
Provide best practices and training to maintain consistent communication and access to resources.

- Ryan Benech (Committee Manager) [email]


Corporate and Bank Sponsorship/Partnership
Develop high-level sponsorships/partnerships for the e3 project.

- Fereydoun Babaei (Committee Manager) [email]


E3 Council Secretaries
Record meeting minutes, maintain general documentation organization.

- Fariha Barnes [email]

- Valerie Garnese [email]